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Roe v Wade: All I have in this womb is a giant Fuck You.

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There is no forgiveness for the ruling class, for women who align with the patriarchy & sell out their counterparts, or for any man/woman who believes their personal beliefs entitle them to dictate the decisions and agency of any other person.

This is not about anything other than money and it never has been. To lie to yourself and pretend it is about “the children”, or any other excuse is disgusting, and makes the believer a modern day slaver. To have no agency over your own body = to be nothing more than property.

Legal access to abortion & delaying motherhood by 1 year due to legal abortions increases womens wages by 11%, decreases % of children who grow up in poverty, increases womens probability of graduating college by 72%.

If women struggle to support their unwanted children, and are stuck in poverty, they create an unlimited working class. This is the fucking point. The only point.


Giclee Print on ColdPress Matte (Textured) Fine Art Paper, 305 GSM

Available in 11×14, 12×16, 16×20, 24×30, 30×40″ & Original.

All Sales Final.

All artwork remains copyright of Megha Parhar and may not be reproduced in any way. The purchasing of artwork does not permit any commercial or promotional use. NOT FOR RESALE.

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