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Fashion History Remixed

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I love fashion history and all its nuances and remixing imagery of how I think historical art history sitters would have dressed today. Clothing is so much more than style or consumption, or shows of wealth: it’s a language, and the more access you have to fibers, textiles, motifs, embroidery etc the more words you have to ‘talk’ eloquently.

The more ‘vocab’ you have to so speak, the more power you hold to be listened to. Fashion dictates freedom, it’s the playground on which wars for hegemony vs equality are fought, it’s the means by which one can be restrained or move freely – there’s a reason why mental institutions use straight jackets for restraints, why slits are in skirts to allow for full range of walking.

Fashion to me, clothing and textiles particularly is the global means of how power struggles play out – capitalism as we know it specifically is built off of the transatlantic slave trade and the picking of cotton by enslaved peoples in the South which built the economy in the North and jumpstarted what we call ‘capitalism’ and all its ills.

It cannot be reduced to something ‘silly’ or dismissed because it’s a ‘woman’s pursuit’, especially considering the bulk of people who create couture, are men – those who lead the head of houses are men, the damaging messages sent to girls and women since inception, are crafted by and benefit men.

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Giclee Print on ColdPress Matte (Textured) Fine Art Paper, 305 GSM

Available in 11×14, 12×16, 16×20, 24×30, 30×40″ & Original.

All Sales Final.

All artwork remains copyright of Megha Parhar and may not be reproduced in any way. The purchasing of artwork does not permit any commercial or promotional use. NOT FOR RESALE.

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