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Female Rage and her dream

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Female Rage and her Dream: When we don’t get accountability or justice in life or in courts, the only place left to express rage is art. Here’s some of mine.

For context, since there is always denial of how ‘serious’ rape is, how ‘frequently’ justice is ever served, and the straw man of false accusations being ‘so’ frequent.
In Canada: 5% sexual assault were reported to police according 2014 General Social Survey on Canadian’s Safety
Conviction rates for sexual assault are lower than other types of violent crime
12/100 reported cases to law enforcement result in a conviction
False accusations of sexual assault are extremely rare 2-4%, and research shows that rates of false reporting are consistent across various violent crimes including sexual assault but I never hear outcry about “false accusations” for anything other than sexual assault
A 2017 Globe & Mail investigation found police were disproportionately dismissing sexual assault complaints as unfounded compared to other crimes, but sure “why don’t women report”?

Miss me with that bullshit. WIth the victim blaming. With the benefit of the doubt always going to men. With rape by men only being a static moment in time that will “affect the rest of their lives” but for women and children and other men, being a lifelong violation impacting every fucking aspect of our lives. With “I was raped” never being allowed to include the “who”, never being “He raped me.” Everyone knows a rape victim but no one ever seems to know a rapist.

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Giclee Print on ColdPress Matte (Textured) Fine Art Paper, 305 GSM

Available in 11×14, 12×16, 16×20, 24×30, 30×40″ & Original.

All Sales Final.

All artwork remains copyright of Megha Parhar and may not be reproduced in any way. The purchasing of artwork does not permit any commercial or promotional use. NOT FOR RESALE.

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